Welcome to JEDI-Experts, a set of of experts/wizards to be used in Delphi IDE. 

While they can be used directly in Delphi IDE, the main task will be convert them, and merge into GExperts - another Delphi project on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gexperts  GExperts is another great aid for Delphi developers, and it just doesn't make sense to have two competing sets of Delphi experts.

Therefore, please help us to merge the best ideas and the best experts into GExperts.

JExperts is mainly for Delphi 6. While not tested on D5, it should work there, since the original code was written on D5..

With JExperts you'll create code easier and faster than before! From the Message dialog editor to the C++Header Translator, all experts will help you to safe a lot of precious time!

Here is a list of some experts you'll find in the JExperts:

As you can see, there is a lot of overlap with GExperts, and that's why we want to move JExperts into GExperts.

Word of caution: JEDI Experts are not extensively tested, and therefore there are potentially problems with it.

Known issues:

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The JEDI Experts have been donated by Sebastien Buysse.

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